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Have We Reached Peak Stupidity on the Vaping "Crisis" Yet? Here's What We Think & What We Know

For years, vape lovers were blowing dragon-like clouds, dabbers were dropping 1g globs on red hot nails, and pre-filled THC-rich vape carts rapidly outpaced all other forms of consumption especially among people new to cannabis. No epidemics, no press conferences, and no mysterious illnesses or deaths. So why now? It’s pretty remarkable that with a decade or more of public guinea pigging of these mostly self-regulated products, all of this headline-grabbing drama has gone down in the matter of less than a month.

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The Importance of Lab Testing: Vape Carts Finally Being Held to a Higher Standard

Whether or not you prefer to use them yourself, the rise of the pre-filled vape cart as a prominent method of cannabis consumption is inevitable. With vape pens in general under such heavy scrutiny by the federal government these days, the cannabis industry can further separate itself from actual drugs like nicotine by setting, and living up to, a higher standard.

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