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Marching Toward Perfection with Pharmers Manufacturing and the Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance

Kaizen – a Japanese term that refers to ‘continuous improvement’ through a lean methodology. Dig into this compelling history behind the Kaizen Medicinals brand and how it came to merge with the Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance in this uplifting story from the grassroots of the cannabis culture.

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Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance Continues the Mission of Compassion in California

With the well-being of our nation’s veterans in mind, one of the groups that has helped to take point on the task of providing safe access to free meds for vets in California is the Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance (SCVA), a self-funded, vertically-integrated, and highly compassionate yet down-to-earth cannabis company and advocacy group in Northern California. With roots that run deep into the culture of Prop215, SCVA has weathered the storms of regulation better than many and now they vow to continue the mission for compassion.

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