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Nation's Largest Ag Producer Won't Legalize Cannabis Farmer's Markets Anytime Soon

Some industry experts believe that because this bill died in its committee for the rest of the year, hundreds of small to medium-sized craft cannabis growers will be put completely out of business over the course of the next 12 months. That’s great news if you are a large-scale commercial boof-wrangler trying to smother the California cannabis industry, but its terrible news for the rest of us.

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Seattle & San Fran City Officials Seek to Wipe Out All Misdemeanor Cannabis Charges

Cannabis legalization has come a long way since California blazed a brand new trail with Prop215 back in 1996 but the question has always remained – what about the weed warriors either sitting in prison or strapped with a tarnished record due to the same cannabis that is now being sold legally by suits and ties?

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Unfortunately, Prop 64 is Probably Going Exactly According to Plan

So here we are.

July 1st has come and gone and a new era has dawned in the California cannabis industry. And don’t get it twisted, it absolutely is an industry and Prop64 and the resulting Bureau of Cannabis Control have ensured that, like in any industry, it is becoming nearly impossible to survive as a small to medium sized entrepreneur.

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Is High Times Going Up in Smoke?

Whether or not High Times goes up in smoke, the moral of the story is that the cannabis industry is a unique one. On top of demanding integrity, most cannabis connoisseurs are more interested in the next big thing rather than what was cool in the 70’s and 80’s.

In your opinion, what could High Times do to rebrand itself and regain the cultural relevance it once had?

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