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Taxed to Death: Follow One Gram of Weed along California’s Twisted Path from Seed to Sale

The hopes, dreams, and life savings of many of the people who helped to put California cannabis on the map are being taxed to death. The cynical side of us thinks that maybe that is by design. After all, one way or another supply will meet demand and it’s easier for the state to oversee several hundred licensees rather than several thousand. But when you see the drastically lower-than-predicted sales revenues after one year of legal weed in the 5th largest economy in the world, you have to figure that money-loving politicians would do the math we have and make some changes – and some are trying. Occam’s razor tells us that the actual answer is usually the simplest one and that is they likely just got too greedy at all of our expense.

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“Corruption, Cronyism, Political Maneuvering”: Shocking Nobody, Pay to Play Schemes Uncovered at the Root of Cali’s Struggling Cannabis Market

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised - kickbacks, bribes, and pay-to-play schemes form the tattered fabric of our political system so why would legal cannabis be any different? Prop 64 gave undue power to local yokels and corrupt city officials who are now blaming the state for giving them so much rope to hang themselves with. But in the meantime, it is the legit, law-abiding, fee-paying, cannabis industry hopefuls who are left swinging in the breeze.

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