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Seshin’ With Nikki & Swami: A Cannabis Love Story

Nikki and Swami’s passion for cannabis has taken them all over the world – putting smoke in the air from India, to Nepal, to Thailand, to Israel, and beyond – but they call the Emerald Triangle their true home and the Emerald Cup their true love.

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Exploring the Roots of the Cannabis Culture with Mean Gene of Freeborn Selections

Mean Gene with Freeborn Selections is one of the most highly regarded breeders in the cannabis scene. For over 20 years he has been building his knowledge base of the plant and spreading that experience far and wide by way of his distinguished catalog of exclusive strains. A Mendocino native and a longtime participant and supporter of the Emerald Cup, Mean Gene was cool enough to link up with us here at Beard Bros. Pharms to swap some stories and tell us about his come up.

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The Cannabis Trail Blazers Series: The Origins of OG Kush - Part II

At the beginning of Part I we told you that we were actually starting in the middle of the saga, and at the end, we wondered where Matt “Bubba” Berger got the Florida-held genetics that were eventually brought out west - and that’s the story we have for you today.

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