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A Call to Action from Veterans Rights Groups after Congress Fails to Advance Key Cannabis Legislation

Military veterans have shouldered an unbelievable amount of the burden to make cannabis reform a reality and we at Beard Bros. Pharms are eternally grateful to these groups and individuals for their service and for their advocacy. The least we can do is help to spread the word and rattle some political cages when called to action - won’t you do the same?

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Freshman Congresswoman Exposes Cannabis Industry's Dubious D.C. Tactics

We understand the way the game is played. We realize that with the way that our version of democracy currently functions, lobbying is a necessary tool. At Beard Bros. Pharms we are actively seeking opportunities to allow us to lobby state and national politicians on behalf of the cannabis culture as much as the cannabis industry. We feel that our grassroots approach, rooted in the struggle of advocacy and reform and fed with years of acquired knowledge could yield a highly beneficial future for society when it comes to cannabis.

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Building a Fire: How Will We End Cannabis Prohibition?

Instead of thanking a veteran for their service, tell them you’re voting for candidates who support cannabis reform. Instead of buying a service member a meal, tell them you’re pushing your member of Congress to make CBD available to troops in the field. Instead of standing back and letting apathy and cynicism poison your outlook, take positive action.

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