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Two Dollar Pre-Rolls & Pike Caviar: Something for Everyone at Hall of Flowers 2019

Living up to its name, the vast majority of the vendors at the Hall of Flowers show were there to push cannabis and cannabis-infused goods. There has been some critique online already about the quality of the buds on display but we found it to be a pretty damn accurate depiction of the legal market as it stands today - some absolute fire in a sea of midgrade, mass produced boof. The fact of the matter is that if they limited the show to only companies providing 5-star weed on the legal market, they could hold it in a walk-in closet. Instead, what we saw were a lot of well-funded startups trying their hardest to keep their heads above water while also trying to appear equal parts authentic and confident. Many of them will figure it out, some will not. . . that’s business.

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