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Putting Your Lab to the Test: Lessons Learned From California Cannabis Testing

California cannabis growers, extractors, processors, and retailers have been lab testing their products for potency and purity for at least the past decade, dating back well before Prop 64 and the implementation of recreational marijuana legalization in the state. For those with established relationships with professionally run testing facilities, these early years of practical analysis helped them to hone their craft and refine the quality of their products, giving them a very useful headstart once the industry did evolve.

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Will the Latest Round of Proposed Regs Create an “Extinction Event” for Edibles in California’s Legal Market?

The BCC is receiving commentary through November 5th on this issue, and all issues raised by this final set of proposed regulations. Many beneficial changes to these proposed regs have come about thanks to the tireless work of cannabis advocates like you reaching out to the BCC and offering your perspectives. By the end of this year, your voice on this issue may be silenced so if you want to speak up do it now.

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What is White Labeling and Why is California Targeting it in the Latest Version of Cannabis Regulations?

The regulatory authorities that oversee California’s struggling rollout of “legal weed” have until December 3rd to release their final draft that will define state law for years to come.

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Nation's Largest Ag Producer Won't Legalize Cannabis Farmer's Markets Anytime Soon

Some industry experts believe that because this bill died in its committee for the rest of the year, hundreds of small to medium-sized craft cannabis growers will be put completely out of business over the course of the next 12 months. That’s great news if you are a large-scale commercial boof-wrangler trying to smother the California cannabis industry, but its terrible news for the rest of us.

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Will the BCC Squash Local Laws & Legalize Statewide Cannabis Delivery?

Prop 64 has been patched together with Zig Zags and resin since it first stumbled out of the gates last year with a deeply flawed set of “Emergency Regulations” that sent the Cali cannabis industry into a tailspin. The Bureau of Cannabis Control is now looking to revise and finalize those regulations by the end of this year with some much needed changes that they hope will revitalize the multibillion dollar marijuana market.

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California Moves to Make CBD, Like THC, an Investor-Class Industry

Earlier this month the California Department of Public Health Food & Drug Branch (CDPH-FDB) set a dangerous new precedent by strongly stating that absolutely no hemp-derived CBD is allowed to be added to any sort of food or beverage to be sold in the state. We break it down.
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