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Taxed to Death: Follow One Gram of Weed along California’s Twisted Path from Seed to Sale

The hopes, dreams, and life savings of many of the people who helped to put California cannabis on the map are being taxed to death. The cynical side of us thinks that maybe that is by design. After all, one way or another supply will meet demand and it’s easier for the state to oversee several hundred licensees rather than several thousand. But when you see the drastically lower-than-predicted sales revenues after one year of legal weed in the 5th largest economy in the world, you have to figure that money-loving politicians would do the math we have and make some changes – and some are trying. Occam’s razor tells us that the actual answer is usually the simplest one and that is they likely just got too greedy at all of our expense.

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STRAIN REVIEW: Kosher Kush Flower from Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance

From Area 51, to Black Jack, to Combat Cookies, to their delicious OG crosses, you are sure to find an SCVA strain that works for you.  Whether you are blazing new trails or looking to get a good night’s sleep, Kosher Kush from Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance ought to be high on your list of strains to try.

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Confusion Surrounding Hemp Legalization Doesn’t Bode Well for Future Federal Cannabis Reform

Watching how badly the federal government is bungling something as simple as CBD makes us fear for the future of cannabis. If you thought states could screw it up, wait until Uncle Sam gets his hands on it.

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