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Are you Ready for War? Ask What You’re Fighting For

Beard Bros. Pharms will always give our nation’s veterans a platform to discuss the issues that matter the most to them. Here is the latest from our close friend, co-founder and CEO of Veterans Cannabis Coalition, Eric Goepel who employs his unique perspective and experience as a soldier and an advocate to drop some deep knowledge and insight that you will not want to miss.

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Actual National Emergency: 15,600+ Active Duty and Retired U.S. Servicemembers Have Taken Their Own Lives Since Trump Took Office

In the Rose Garden of the White House last week, the President of the United States of America concluded his press conference with words that will no doubt live on to define his time in office. “I didn’t need to do this,” Trump blurted out loud regarding his wholly fabricated national emergency, “but I’d rather do it much faster.” Now, the opioid epidemic and the depressing amount of military suicides that our country is facing did not begin under Trump, but we know of an actual national emergency – one that would not cost the taxpayers billions of dollars to solve – that could certainly end under him if he could pull himself away from Twitter for a while to get some work done for our vets.

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