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Pennsylvania's Pot Problems Aren't Agricultural, They're Technological

Originally, the medical marijuana program in PA was hamstrung by a lack of legal cultivation facilities, but lately, the bottleneck to the program’s potential success has been technological, not agricultural.

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Beard Bros. Pharms Cannabis Laws Road Trip - Part 5: The East Coast

We’re on the home stretch of the Beard Bros. Pharms 50 State Cannabis Laws Road Trip now, buds! You’ve got the grinder and we’ve got the wheel as we sesh our way up the seaboard and toke our way up the turnpike to see what’s good on the eastern front of the war for cannabis legalization.  Our own journey began out here so it’s good to check in and see just how far things have come on the Beast Coast. Get in, we’re doin’ weed stuff!

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Prior Cannabis Convictions Should Be Cleared in States with Reformed Cannabis Laws

As marijuana laws change, suddenly what was once against the law is now a legitimate career path for many people. But what about those who were convicted of low level, nonviolent, cannabis possession or distribution charges before these lax new laws hit the books?

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