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Why is the NAACP No Longer a Reliable Ally in the Fight for Cannabis Reform?

I went into this article pretty set in my opinion and pretty frustrated by the about-face pulled by the NAACP here in the 11th hour of cannabis reform. But deeper research and some forced perspective have opened my eyes a bit wider to the fact that true social justice reform is a full-spectrum challenge.

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VIDEO: Bumbling NYPD Cops Caught on Bodycam Planting Blunt in Suspect's Car

Erickson’s report claimed that the blunt was found “in plain sight”, even though both officers searched the area unsuccessfully, and Pastran’s body camera footage shows no such evidence. What Officer Erickson apparently didn’t realize is that somebody smarter than him already thought of the ol’ broken camera trick and his body camera had a feature built in that somehow allowed it to record 30 seconds of footage before Erickson reactivated it.

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Big Weed Gets Big Win in the Big Apple

As recently as last year, Gov. Cuomo was on record still referring to cannabis as a “gateway drug” and Nixon’s camp contends that his sudden shift on policy is due to their incessant pressure from his political left flank on the issue. But, in reality, pressure from opponents, voters, or even one’s own morals rarely steer an entire campaign. No… money does.

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