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Stirring the Pot with Om Edibles: How This Female Driven Company is Defining Legal Cannabis

Here in California, the headlines are dominated by news of multimillion dollar acquisitions, corporate cannabis carpetbagging, and an uptick in law enforcement against this allegedly legal plant. The stories that often go untold involve so many of the legacy operators that sowed the fields for cannabis reform but are now unable to clear the incredibly high barriers of entry into the industry that they risked their own liberties to help create. But some other untold tales that fail to reach the mainstream marijuana media involve those who did come from the grassroots of the cannabis culture and were able to overcome the many challenges put forth by legalization to earn their spot in the new landscape of the wild west of weed. Today we have one such story.

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High Times Bails Out Chalice Festival But Who Will Bail Out High Times?

Gemini Finance Corp. reacted to the cancellation of the Chalice Festival in July by foreclosing on a $587,000 loan that they had out to event organizers. Sensing blood in the water, the sharks at High Times swooped in and gobbled up a $560,000 debt to purchase the rights to the future of the Chalice Festival. Yep, High Times now owns Chalice…sort of…

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Is High Times Going Up in Smoke?

Whether or not High Times goes up in smoke, the moral of the story is that the cannabis industry is a unique one. On top of demanding integrity, most cannabis connoisseurs are more interested in the next big thing rather than what was cool in the 70’s and 80’s.

In your opinion, what could High Times do to rebrand itself and regain the cultural relevance it once had?

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