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The Cannabis Trail Blazers Series: The Origins of OG Kush - Part II

At the beginning of Part I we told you that we were actually starting in the middle of the saga, and at the end, we wondered where Matt “Bubba” Berger got the Florida-held genetics that were eventually brought out west - and that’s the story we have for you today.

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The Cannabis Trail Blazers Series: The Origins of OG Kush - Part I

For decades, rebel weed growers kept their identities, and their stories, closely guarded. As the popularity of the OG Kush strain and all of its variants skyrocketed, alleged stories of its origin began floating around – most of them completely devoid of truth. So now those with key parts of the story to add are ready to set the record straight on the origins of OG Kush.

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The Cannabis Trail Blazers Series: Reporting for Duty with the Weed for Warriors Project

The Beard Bros. Pharms “Cannabis Trailblazer Series” is a multipart installment that will highlight some of the heroes that have laid the foundation for the cannabis movement as we now know it. This report gives an inside look at an organization near & dear to our hearts - the Weed for Warriors Project

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Beard Bros. Pharms Cannabis Laws Road Trip - Part 4: The South

You’ve got shotgun for the next stretch of the Beard Bros. Pharms 50 State Cannabis Laws Road Trip but you’re going want to keep that stash concealed as we soak up some Southern Hospitality in some less than weed-friendly territory

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Why is Corporate Cannabis Funneling Cash Into Immigration Reform

In the past year and a half, since January of 2017, a small but growing crowd of cannabis industry moguls have quietly donated $69,000 to one particular political action committee called What a Country! - or WACPAC – or the Wack Pack.

WACPAC was founded by Republican Congressman Carlos Curbelo in 2015 with the expressed mission to bring about comprehensive immigration reform.

That’s right, immigration reform.
Not cannabis reform.

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