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Pot Prohibitionists Have Set Their Sights on Motorists' Rights

The truth is, there is no simple answer for this issue but it really is not as big of a problem as the average American thinks it is. We do know that the answer is not more arrests. It is still just about a plant and some freedom and even in the midst of historic cannabis reform from coast to coast, our country still averages one weed arrest every 48 seconds.  A vicious cycle that is certainly not in line with the inevitable future of cannabis in this country. But cops don’t care about yesterday or tomorrow, only who they can nail right now, and right now cannabis users are still not safe.

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The Blessing & the Curse of Cannabis: Cancer Docs Scared to Talk Pot

Cannabis, in its natural form, is a very unique medicine. It can effectively treat so many ailments, but those effects vary greatly from user to user. This is its blessing and its curse. Anecdotal evidence traditionally does not carry a lot of weight in the field of research medicine but it is essential in the understanding of cannabis and how it affects people. By hearing enough stories, and by treating those stories as “cases”, bigger picture extrapolations can occur which could potentially help doctors to gain a broader knowledge of the plant and how it can be optimally used to heal.

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Why Cannabis Packaging Needs More Sustainable Solutions

As we enter the post-Prop64 marketplace in our role as a distributor, Beard Bros. Pharms has taken a special interest in this issue as we strive to do better and to help steer the cannabis industry back toward the cannabis culture.

The cannabis culture doesn’t want to make a 10 minute unboxing video to reveal an 8th of midzotics.

The cannabis culture doesn’t want to continue to contribute to trashing our planet for the sake of convenience or hype design.

Another thing the cannabis culture has no interest in is $70 8ths of herb, no matter how good it is, and while ridiculous amounts of packaging are not totally to blame for the high prices found on many shiny boxes of legal weed, it sure isn’t helping.

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Cali Cannabis Lab Testing Challenges the Integrity of the Industry

Until their technology advances enough to close these gaps in accuracy, or the state loosens the law enough to account for those gaps, testing labs may need to meet their customers in the middle in order to protect the small to midsize producers at the essential grassroots of this potentially lucrative and efficient market.

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The Cannabis Trail Blazers Series: Reporting for Duty with the Weed for Warriors Project

The Beard Bros. Pharms “Cannabis Trailblazer Series” is a multipart installment that will highlight some of the heroes that have laid the foundation for the cannabis movement as we now know it. This report gives an inside look at an organization near & dear to our hearts - the Weed for Warriors Project

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Company Aims to Spray its DNA All Over Your Legal Weed

A company called Applied DNA says they have a product to spray on cannabis that can take down a raging grey and black market that has already rolled up California’s attempt to take them down – Prop 64 - and blazed it like a Backwoods blunt.

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Critics Continue to Seek Ways to Recriminalize Cannabis

Hound Labs claims that their machine analyzes whether or not a person has used cannabis within the past two hours based on the metabolites of THC that remain in their breath during that window of time. They say that after three hours, it doesn’t matter if you just globbed a gram, those breath-based metabolites will be back to zero. Any sensible person would stop to think, “Wow, the human body sure does metabolize marijuana quickly & efficiently, it’s almost…natural.”

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Study Shows Streets are Safer When Weed is Legal

A recent report in a journal called Police Quarterly revealed that Colorado & Washington have both seen improvement in clearing violent crimes since legalizing the recreational use of cannabis for adults back in 2012. Legal cannabis quite literally makes our streets safer by making the police do actual police work.

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Beard Bros. Pharms Cannabis Laws Road Trip - Part 2: The Midwest

In Part 1 of the Beard Bros. Pharms Cannabis Laws & Regulations Road Trip we kicked off our quest out west, making our way down the coast and into the desert.  Now we set our sights eastbound as we take a look at the state of cannabis legalization in the Midwest. Take a ride with us!

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Should I Smoke Cannabis Around My Kids?

The American Academy of Pediatrics just released a study published by researchers from Columbia University warning parents of the dangers that children can face when inhaling second-hand smoke. However, it wasn’t cigarettes or tobacco that the group was singling out, but cannabis.

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