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Two Dollar Pre-Rolls & Pike Caviar: Something for Everyone at Hall of Flowers 2019

Living up to its name, the vast majority of the vendors at the Hall of Flowers show were there to push cannabis and cannabis-infused goods. There has been some critique online already about the quality of the buds on display but we found it to be a pretty damn accurate depiction of the legal market as it stands today - some absolute fire in a sea of midgrade, mass produced boof. The fact of the matter is that if they limited the show to only companies providing 5-star weed on the legal market, they could hold it in a walk-in closet. Instead, what we saw were a lot of well-funded startups trying their hardest to keep their heads above water while also trying to appear equal parts authentic and confident. Many of them will figure it out, some will not. . . that’s business.

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Why Cannabis Packaging Needs More Sustainable Solutions

As we enter the post-Prop64 marketplace in our role as a distributor, Beard Bros. Pharms has taken a special interest in this issue as we strive to do better and to help steer the cannabis industry back toward the cannabis culture.

The cannabis culture doesn’t want to make a 10 minute unboxing video to reveal an 8th of midzotics.

The cannabis culture doesn’t want to continue to contribute to trashing our planet for the sake of convenience or hype design.

Another thing the cannabis culture has no interest in is $70 8ths of herb, no matter how good it is, and while ridiculous amounts of packaging are not totally to blame for the high prices found on many shiny boxes of legal weed, it sure isn’t helping.

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Are Cannabis Vending Machines the Wave of the Future?

Once everyone from the growers, to the processors, to the distributors, to the labs, to the taxmen, to the state itself get their slice, recreational cannabis consumers in Cali are staring down the barrel of $70+ eighths of legal bud, and so, the black market continues to thrive. At all of those stages listed above, technology and automation are providing the answers and efficiency to keep them profitable in today’s movement, so why wouldn’t we think that retail would follow suit?

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Pacific Expeditors is Distributing More than Just Cannabis

PacEx shares a common vision with The Emerald Cup in promoting the value of a natural, organic product created by someone with a tangible craft skill. As we witness massive alcohol and tobacco producers retreat from decades of lucrative production and sprint headfirst toward the cannabis industry, it is reassuring to remember that while Budweiser is struggling, Stone Brewing is not. Preserving the history of cannabis, according to Pacific Expeditors, is the key to its future.  

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What is Water Soluble Cannabis & What Will it Mean for the Mainstream?

Until some major investments earlier this year, one virtually untapped sector of the edibles market had been in CBD and THC infused beverages which experts predict will flood over $600 million into the U.S. economy annually by the year 2022. If those numbers come to fruition, cannabis-based beverages will make up 20% of the edibles market over the course of the next four years. But if a company called Sproutly has its way, those numbers might end up being just a drop in the bucket.

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High Times Bails Out Chalice Festival But Who Will Bail Out High Times?

Gemini Finance Corp. reacted to the cancellation of the Chalice Festival in July by foreclosing on a $587,000 loan that they had out to event organizers. Sensing blood in the water, the sharks at High Times swooped in and gobbled up a $560,000 debt to purchase the rights to the future of the Chalice Festival. Yep, High Times now owns Chalice…sort of…

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