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Canada’s Cannabis Culture is Following California’s Crash Course

As Canada’s cannabis industry comes down off an eight month high, it will be interesting to see if they continue to import California’s culture-killing business model as their national market expands and our regional one waits for Washington D.C. to wake up.

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What is Water Soluble Cannabis & What Will it Mean for the Mainstream?

Until some major investments earlier this year, one virtually untapped sector of the edibles market had been in CBD and THC infused beverages which experts predict will flood over $600 million into the U.S. economy annually by the year 2022. If those numbers come to fruition, cannabis-based beverages will make up 20% of the edibles market over the course of the next four years. But if a company called Sproutly has its way, those numbers might end up being just a drop in the bucket.

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