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The First Federally Approved Study on Cannabis and PTSD in Veterans is Finally Underway

From our own experience, and from the stories we hear all the time in the cannabis community, we already know that cannabis use can absolutely mute the frightening effects of PTSD. Clearly, the federal government has not been listening to you or to us so far, but hopefully this FDA-approved study will bear the results we expect and can move the battle lines forward in the war against cannabis prohibition.

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With Two Fewer Sessions in D.C. the Smoke Begins to Clear on Federal Cannabis Reform

For two unrelated men that share not only a last name, but also an extreme hatred for the cannabis plant, both Jeff Sessions and Pete Sessions find themselves out of a job today for very different reasons. But the cannabis community isn’t too picky and we’re glad to see them both go for any reason.

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The Cannabis Trail Blazers Series: Reporting for Duty with the Weed for Warriors Project

The Beard Bros. Pharms “Cannabis Trailblazer Series” is a multipart installment that will highlight some of the heroes that have laid the foundation for the cannabis movement as we now know it. This report gives an inside look at an organization near & dear to our hearts - the Weed for Warriors Project

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Cali's 2018 Legislative Sesh Ends with 27 Cannabis Bills Decided On

Fueled by the tireless work over at CANORML, here is our quick recap of all marijuana related legislation that made it to the governor and how it all fared against his weed-hating veto pen.

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GOP Congress Abandons Vets, Strikes Cannabis Relief from Spending Bill

Three days ago lawmakers in the Republican-led U.S. Congress passed a $147 billion spending bill aimed at funding portions of the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), a previously passed energy and water bill, and portions of the legislative branch of the federal government in 2019.

But it’s what was not in the spending bill that caught our eye.

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