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State Inspection Reveals Cali Cannabis Lab Has Been Faking Test Results for Months

Growers and manufacturers spend even more time and money doing preliminary R&D product testing hoping to identify and eliminate any issues before the crucial final compliance testing. But what good does that do if every lab is using different equipment, following different operating procedures, and in some cases, just outright faking the results?

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Will the Latest Round of Proposed Regs Create an “Extinction Event” for Edibles in California’s Legal Market?

The BCC is receiving commentary through November 5th on this issue, and all issues raised by this final set of proposed regulations. Many beneficial changes to these proposed regs have come about thanks to the tireless work of cannabis advocates like you reaching out to the BCC and offering your perspectives. By the end of this year, your voice on this issue may be silenced so if you want to speak up do it now.

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Will the Future of Cannabis See Any Need for Weed?

One of the fundamental barriers to true, nationwide legalization here is, and has always been, the fact that you can grow it in your backyard and cut Uncle Sam out of the middle. But, ten years from now, will that be the only place to get an actual bag of weed?

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