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State Inspection Reveals Cali Cannabis Lab Has Been Faking Test Results for Months

Growers and manufacturers spend even more time and money doing preliminary R&D product testing hoping to identify and eliminate any issues before the crucial final compliance testing. But what good does that do if every lab is using different equipment, following different operating procedures, and in some cases, just outright faking the results?

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The Cannabis Trail Blazers Series: The Origins of OG Kush - Part I

For decades, rebel weed growers kept their identities, and their stories, closely guarded. As the popularity of the OG Kush strain and all of its variants skyrocketed, alleged stories of its origin began floating around – most of them completely devoid of truth. So now those with key parts of the story to add are ready to set the record straight on the origins of OG Kush.

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The Cannabis Trail Blazers Series: Reporting for Duty with the Weed for Warriors Project

The Beard Bros. Pharms “Cannabis Trailblazer Series” is a multipart installment that will highlight some of the heroes that have laid the foundation for the cannabis movement as we now know it. This report gives an inside look at an organization near & dear to our hearts - the Weed for Warriors Project

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Company Aims to Spray its DNA All Over Your Legal Weed

A company called Applied DNA says they have a product to spray on cannabis that can take down a raging grey and black market that has already rolled up California’s attempt to take them down – Prop 64 - and blazed it like a Backwoods blunt.

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Is High Times Going Up in Smoke?

Whether or not High Times goes up in smoke, the moral of the story is that the cannabis industry is a unique one. On top of demanding integrity, most cannabis connoisseurs are more interested in the next big thing rather than what was cool in the 70’s and 80’s.

In your opinion, what could High Times do to rebrand itself and regain the cultural relevance it once had?

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