Stirring the Pot with Om Edibles: How This Female Driven Company is Defining Legal Cannabis


What does the word consciousness mean to you?

Certainly it will mean different things to different people but the word - and the act - have become a rare commodity in today’s rapidly innovating and all too often soulless cannabis industry.

Here in California, the headlines are dominated by news of multimillion dollar acquisitions, corporate cannabis carpetbagging, and an uptick in law enforcement against this allegedly legal plant.

The stories that often go untold involve so many of the legacy operators that sowed the fields for cannabis reform but are now unable to clear the incredibly high barriers of entry into the industry that they risked their own liberties to help create.

But some other untold tales that fail to reach the mainstream marijuana media involve those who did come from the grassroots of the cannabis culture and were able to overcome the many challenges put forth by legalization to earn their spot in the new landscape of the wild west of weed. Today we have one such story.


Perhaps you’ve chanted it yourself at a yoga class, during meditation, or as a form of your own personal spiritual journey, but do you know what the term Om truly means?

Om is actually not just a word, or even a sound, but a woven tapestry of all sounds and is said to give rise to all spoken language. It is the past, the present, and the future eternity. It is creation, preservation, and transformation and in the ultimate representation of divine female energy it is the namesake of the award-winning Northern California feel good brand, Om Edibles.

Om Edibles is a woman-owned and run licensed operator in the blooming Cali cannabis marketplace. Known for their top-shelf quality edibles, topicals, and other cannabis-based wellness goods Om products can be found in the most popular legal, licensed retail dispensaries from LA to the Bay.

With deep roots in California’s medical marijuana scene, Om was officially founded in 2008 by one of Prop 215’s biggest movers and shakers, Maya Elisabeth.  Om Edibles has since gone on to rack up an impressive collection of awards.

They have earned eleven High Times Cannabis Cup Awards, including having Maya named as one of The 100 Most Influential People in Cannabis in 2017. They also took home a 1st Place prize at Chalice in 2017 and they darn near ran the table at last year’s Emerald Cup, bringing five separate awards back to the bay in 2018 to bring their total from Santa Rosa’s finest event up to nine!

Also in October of 2018, Om Edibles was proud to be granted the very first annual manufacturing license by the California Department of Public Health and the Bureau of Cannabis Control.

Today they offer about 20 different cannabis-infused products ranging from delicious treats to eat, to topically applied products and bath salts, to highly effective tinctures that they refer to as elixirs – all of which have been recognized as some of the finest that the state has to offer.

To Maya, the ingredients for this success are simple, and are not a secret at all.


“A superfood is a food that you can use all parts of and all parts are nutrient dense,” says Maya. She looks at the roots, the stalks, the leaves, the trichomes, the terpenes, the seeds, and the cannabinoids themselves found in the cannabis plant and points out that all of them can have a beneficial use for us.

The “high”, she says, may be desired by many but may not be by some, and Om Edibles offers a full line of products to satisfy each without compromising quality.

Aside from sourcing the highest quality CBD and THC-rich cannabis flowers on the market, every ingredient on Om’s approved list has to “bring something special to the table”.

The cacao that they use in their award-winning products is a great example.

Maya is bursting with useful information like the fact that cacao (a superfood itself) is the highest magnesium-containing food on the planet as well as the highest antioxidant-containing food on the planet, and just so happens to be one of the only foods on the planet that naturally contains cannabinoids.

So for edible makers who work with chocolate, they have a choice. They can use a product chock full of hydrogenated oils and many consumers will be none the wiser. Or, like at Om, they can make the conscious choice to use raw, organic, vegan, gluten-free, fair-trade cacao, an actual superfood that helps to release your “feel-good” neurotransmitters with each delicious bite.

“Why wouldn’t you do that?” asks Maya. “Our philosophy is super simple – you get out what you put in and our products are only as good as the ingredients that we use to create them. We believe that cannabis is a superfood and it’s something that we strive to get into our bodies every single day.”

With that information in mind, ingesting cannabis becomes a dietary supplement and a form of preventative healthcare on one’s quest toward a better quality of life.

At Beard Bros Pharms, we are big believers in the “entourage effect” that we get from cannabis flowers and edibles, and we have seen amazing results from “stacking” cannabinoid profiles into our RSO products and Maya agrees, stating, “When cannabis is combined with other superfoods, healing herbs, and nutrient-dense ingredients, that’s how you make superior medicine.”

One of the key elements however cannot be bagged up at a farmer’s market or grown with love under the sun. Just like you need high quality ingredients to create a high quality product, it truly begins with high quality people around you and Maya has cultivated a garden of talent around her at Om.

“It’s all completely glued together and held steadfast by a deep passion for cannabis,” says Maya, “None of it matters at all if you don’t love weed.”


At Om, their goal is provide the consumer with the information about and safe access to consistently produced products to encourage each individual to form their own connection with the plant. This education reduces the risk of over- or under-medicating and in turn reduces the risk of a less-than-desirable experience for those just discovering the many ways to ingest and enjoy cannabis.

Maya personifies the cannabis plant into a matronly deity of sorts when she looks at the current state of cannabis reform. “Look at what cannabis is doing, she is like ‘Oh you think you get to leave women out? You think you get to leave people of color out? You really think you’re going to leave out the people who have served time in jail for me? No, they will all be included.’

Inclusion, compassion, and non-discrimination are the pillars of the cannabis culture in Maya’s eyes, and she is hopeful that the industry, as cold as it seems right now, will soon return to those core values. 

“She’s a humbling spirit, cannabis, and she will smack you right down,” warns Maya to those with less-than-noble intentions.

For their part, the immediate future holds more of the same at Om. Maya is excited to expand the product line in the new year and has some sweet treats in store for the 4/20 holiday. She vows to continue to provide a fun and fair place to work for her dedicated crew which currently stands at 16 employees and counting. Her all-female team enjoys thoughtful perks not found in traditional workplaces like a “Moon Day” when they can call in to work if they are having a tough time during that tough time each month.

As Maya says, “If not us, then who? If we don’t give our ladies a Moon Day, then who would? Isn’t this supposed to be the fun part when we get to do some cool stuff that no one else is doing because we are weed?”

This compassion and understanding, along with fair hours and good wages has led to nearly zero turnover at Om Edibles and has allowed Maya to focus on the growth of the company without losing sight of their original standards and goals.

Though their products have been more traditionally created for females, Maya plans to change that facet of the game as well as she believes that self-care is not exclusive to ladies and that men can enjoy the same benefits from her product line at Om.

“Even if we grow a little slower than others, I know we are getting there the right way and that behind every single thing that we do is a super quality product. All the rest falls into place as long as we stay true to the cannabis plant.”

With ingredients like that, we can’t wait to see what Om Edibles cooks up next.